Fashion Motivation

Fashion motivation
Need fashion inspiration? With the world of fashion always changing, it’s hard to keep your look consistent just as changing your look is hard to do. But I follow a systematic process that helps me retain inspiration throughout every season.

I get magazines! I go to work on them. I love to go through magazines and tear out anything that speaks to me whether it’s outfit of the day pictures, fashion campaigns, or celebs on the go.

Once I tear out the looks that speak to me, I put them together to match how I would I wear something or how I would change it up. I also search the web and find pieces that are similar (Again, I’m cheap. So I’m not shopping high end brands right now lol) After I search the web, I plan my shopping list on these key pieces.Β  Remember, only look for the KEY PIECES! Don’t try to duplicate everythingΒ  you see. Trends change rapidly so don’t spend too much.

At the end of the process you have already gone through that battle in your head so you have a clear idea of what it is you’re wanting to get and can skip that step in the store. Don’t forget to think about the items you already have and how they too can transform into the new looks. Stay inspired!

Happy styling folks !



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