All Black No Funeral

All black no funeral

Don’t wear all black unlesss you’re going to a funeral… (so I’ve heard like my whole life) however black is my favorite color ever.  Haters will argue that black is not even color… but we don’t listen to them! There are so many perks to wearing black.

1. It’s slimming! Feeling bloated for the day? Throw on black and no one would ever notice, I promise. I know many women have areas that they just feel are big and fatty. Black helps keep attention away from these areas as well.

2. Stain Secrecy! Another perk of wearing black if you sweat under your arms sometimes (happens to the best of us lol) the world would never know! This trick helped me through puberty. Wearing black, or really any dark color for that matter, helps if you spill a little drink on you at at party or whatever other stains may try to ruin your day.

3. Easy Outfits! Bllack it goes with everything…hello! Never be late again. Just throw on something back with literally anything else in your closet and you’re all set. I love pairing nude heels with black because it really softens the feel of the look and makes wearing black very approachable!

You’re welcome! Happy wearing black!
Xoxo, Trishonna


  1. Shelley

    March 20, 2017 at 2:47 am

    loving this look. I want to buy this whole outfit.

    1. trishonna helm

      March 27, 2017 at 8:16 pm

      omgeeee thanks so much!!!!

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