About Me


My name is Trishonna, also known as Trishonnastrends from Omaha, NE.
Ever since I can remember, I was into all things artsy. It started when I was 6 years old. My great grandmother gave me a picture and told me to draw exactly what I saw. Who knew the pictures would look identical?? From that point on, I would draw any and everything. As I got older I realized art came in so many forms from fashion, to beauty, to hair…the list just goes on. I would try to sell my art, make jewelry, cut up jeans, and do just about anything. I was always looking to make my hobby into something more that had actual value! That’s when I realized I loved the business side of creating too! I loved setting goals and reaching them. Then I then went on to start an online boutique Genrevaein.com which was and still is such an exciting part of my life. For some strange reason, people continued to show they were actually interested in me and the inner workings of my life. Questions came concerning how I wear my hair or how I put outfits together. This pushed me to starting my YouTube channel and also my blog. So welcome to Trishonnastrends.com where you can stay updated with me and find all things fashion, beauty, hair, health & more!